Month: May 2011


Some things on hold

Lately I’ve been really hitting my photography hard lately, trying to really get it off the ground. So pretty much all my free time has been going to that. I finished putting my website together: I’m pretty excited about really getting things going. And on top of all this, I’m completely booked in June. […]

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thrifty finds

big thrifty score “)

{$1….oh yeah} {AMAZING condition} {boring} {FABULOUS}

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mondays can'tresistibles


I love origami cubes these are so beautiful.  I love paper crafts they are my favorite! I think paper flowers are so pretty. Origami Stars from enanna on Vimeo.

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cream cheese
orange pepper
red pepper
yellow pepper

Current Fav

I have completely become addicted to this snack. Try it if you dare. What you need:Sweet Mini Peppers (or just regular red, yellow, and orange peppers)Whipped Cream CheeseSalt What you do:Using a paring knife, cut the stem portion out of the pepper (or if using regular peppers, cut out the stem and seeds and slice […]

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a beautiful mess
project restyle

{Project Restyle}

It’s always fun to find old things and repurpose them to make them feel new. Inspired by Elsie of A Beautiful Mess, I have been trying to go green, in a sense, by doing just that. So here is my latest “Project Restyle” I found this spice rack while thrifting for $2. It was in […]

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ice cream.
my kids
my life

Fun with my little ones

I love warm days outside with my babies. On a side note: Jocelyn’s hair is finally just long enough that I can force it into tiny pigtails. I told myself I wouldn’t ever do this cause I’ve always thought it looked a bit silly but I couldn’t help myself.

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mondays can'tresistibles


Beautiful, Comfy Looking Chair From Urban Outfitter’s Fun Fantasy Bed from Anthropologie I love the colors of this tea pot. SO. CUTE. I’ve lately fallen in love with tiny dinosaurs, I kinda started a collection, unofficially. I think I would like to make it official though. Might be a weird collection but I really like […]

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how to
navigation bar

How to Create Your Own Navigation Bar Tutorial

Navigation Bars, everyone has one. This took me FOR-EV-ER to figure out. And thanks to my lovely friend Talia, I finally got it. And I thought I would share how to make this, to help those who would like to further customize their blog. But can’t figure things out. I’ve never used any other blogging […]

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cute stuff
gift ideas
mother's day

Fun Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Upside Down Cooking Guide 2 Carat Cup Jewels Ice Tray Mother Nestling Birds Necklace I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one *hint hint* 😉 Nest Egg Necklace I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one too! Glass Drop Tillandsia Kit Bath & Body Invigoration

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