Month: October 2010

yo gabba gabba

The birthday planning has begun

I always get a little over excited when it comes to planning birthday parties, I tend to start my planning really early. I feel it helps me not forget anything. Now that I have kids, party planning is one of my favorite things to do. I still have plenty of time until Josiah birthday, but […]

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A whipped together dinner

My To-Do List Call the doctor and make an appointment for Josiah Call WIC and set up an class time Call about the rental house in my parents neighbor hood Finish Halloween costumes Change the sheets Clean the house Make dinner Today has been a totally crazy day. Or at least it feels that way. […]

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Love that Blog

Love that Blog: Allister Bee

 Paislea is the cutest thing ever.  I love reading through her blog. It’s usually the first one I go to to catch up on when I have fallen behind on the blog reading. I love how her entries are usually short and sweet. I love that she always shares the cutest little sayings and encouragements. […]

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free pattern

Sneak Peek…

I’ve created a pattern that I would love to share with you all. I’m all about Texas pride and with my sister moving to New York I thought she needed some handmade Texas love to wear to keep her family warm. I’ve have to type it all up and stuff, so I plan on having […]

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On a knitting craze!

I’ve been knitting like there’s no tomorrow, well at least in my limited free time. I can’t wait to share with you my new pattern. Since image uploads are currently disabled, I will just tell you, it’s a little Texas pride. I was just thinking, it’s probably a good idea to start on Christmas presents. […]

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my photos
San Antonio

Taking time for family

So I’ve really been neglecting my blog lately. And the computer for that matter. I’ve been really focusing on spending time with my family and taking time to cherish all the little moments with my kids. I have REALLY been enjoying my time away from the computer. I’ve been able to do other things that […]

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